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Tagged With: Fishing

How about going up north to Scotland for more fishing?

So, there are more fishing possibilities in the UK! But you have to go up further north to Scotland! There is great fishing up there with different fishing species waiting to get hooked, fought, and caught. I went to Glasgow where I rented a car to drive even further north and west in order to … Continue reading »

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Fishing again in England! Pike and Zander this time around!

I had such a great time fishing the first time in England, that I had to go again! Back to the waters where I had that great, amazing day of hooking and landing trout after trout. This time though, I wanted to target some other fish species that I couldn’t get the first time there. … Continue reading »

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What else can you do in the UK? Fly-fishing!

Yes, you read that right. Fishing in the UK is very much possible! And yes, I walked around the grand city of London and took the bus and the tube (subway) to get to places in order to go to the castles, palaces, museums, and other places. So far, I really enjoyed the fishing in … Continue reading »

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What else to do in Lithuania? Go to Latvia!

Since the country of Lithuania is fairly small compared to a lot of other bigger countries, Lithuania is in perfect location to drive hard and fast into Latvia. If you got a rental car, then you might as well as drive like you stole it! Just kidding. Tip: There are a lot of speed cameras … Continue reading »

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Anyone who lives by the ocean and says it’s boring, has not gone fishing then

I’ve actually heard of people complaining that they have nothing to do when they live by the beach… the ocean… regardless if it’s cold or hot or not. There are plenty of things to do! I go fishing and in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are tons of fish to be caught! And there … Continue reading »

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