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Return to Mexico – Fishing in La Paz during high fishing season

I couldn’t believe it but I was able to reserve my spot for fishing on a panga down in La Paz, Mexico with Tailhunter International. However, this time was different as it was during high season (September-October), the best time to go fishing down there! For years, I’ve been trying to get a fishing trip … Continue reading »

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What to buy in Egypt…. I recommend camel meat!

Being in a country heavily influenced by the Middle East, Egypt has gained quite of a bit of culture, language, and society norms from the Arabs even though Arabs don’t really see Egyptians as being pure Arabs. Nevertheless, there are some things that you can expect from Egypt that you might see somewhere in a … Continue reading »

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Say hello to Reykjavik, the gateway to Iceland!

Yes, Reykjavik…. I know that it’s impossible to spell out or pronounce. It took awhile to get used to it as well. But it’s pronounced “Rey-fla-vik” or something like that. I think the local people understand you if you’re close enough. The good thing is that almost all Icelanders understand English quite well as they’ve … Continue reading »

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Budapest, Hungary = the two towns of Buda and Pest

It’s one of the cities that people have their European bucket list to go visit: Budapest, the city by the Danube River and the capital of Hungary. There is far amount of history in this city but most of the attractions are all by Buda Castle or in my opinion, by the Danube River. People … Continue reading »

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Yes, you can scuba dive in Greece. It’s close to Athens too!

So… if you get bored of all the ancient Greek relics and architecture, you can always do what I do in term of finding fun! Yes, there are opportunities to go scuba diving in Greece! True, most of the diving is in the islands but there is a place that you can go if you … Continue reading »

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