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Fishing in Iceland – it’s possible but you need experience and a lotta luck!

I have to admit that after going scuba diving in Iceland to be really fun, chill, and enjoyable, I thought that it would be super-easy trying to catch sea-run brown trout there as well like it was fly fishing in England. Nope. I was wrong. It was more like fly fishing in Scotland – must … Continue reading »

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Scuba diving in Iceland – yes! You can scuba dive in the cold waters of the Continental Divide, Silfra!

This was one of the trips that I have been waiting a long time to do. And that’s going scuba diving in Iceland. I know Iceland is cold as its name prescribes itself to, but it’s also very rewarding to go diving in just barely above freezing-temperature waters. But don’t let the cold scare you … Continue reading »

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Say hello to Reykjavik, the gateway to Iceland!

Yes, Reykjavik…. I know that it’s impossible to spell out or pronounce. It took awhile to get used to it as well. But it’s pronounced “Rey-fla-vik” or something like that. I think the local people understand you if you’re close enough. The good thing is that almost all Icelanders understand English quite well as they’ve … Continue reading »

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