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Seeing the Nazca Lines is believing! / Para creer las Líneas de Nazca, necesita verlas.

Yes, I completed another goal of mine which was to see the Nazca Lines for myself. These long lines drawn by the Nazca people in the ground have been well preserved for centuries and yes, no one still doesn’t know who or what or why they were created for. Only the fact that the lines … Continue reading »

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For a better travel experience in a foreign country, learn as much of the local/native language as you can / Para una mejor experiencia de viajes en un país de fuera, aprende el idioma tanto como puedas

This makes for much better experiences in that country as their way of life including their language was made to be comfortable for them, not for foreigners. And this includes the food which a lot of people have issues with. For example, countries in the Andes eat guinea pigs for food which many Westerners look … Continue reading »

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Getting Search and Recovery Diver Certification

In addition to getting wreck diver certification, I also got my search and recovery diver certification. This was probably the most tiring specialty to get – there is so much swimming and moving…. wow, I was dead tired afterwards! 4 long dives spread over 2-3 days… you can’t just do them back-to-back 2 days straight … Continue reading »

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Getting Wreck Diver Certification

Well, I went to Spain again… for diving, yes… to eat food, yes… and finally I went fishing as well! I caught a huge 220 pound/110 kg Thresher shark! The only problem was… the airlines lost my luggage and my camera was in it! Damn! No pictures… it was only a few days later that … Continue reading »

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Betting on horse races

Yep, yep, I wanted to go out and do something “different” instead of the usual hunting, fishing, diving, playing sports, or doing an activity that I’ve done before. Instead, I went out with a friend of mine to Golden Gate Fields and bet on some horse races for some money. Ha ha. Yeah… I’m not … Continue reading »

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