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For a better travel experience in a foreign country, learn as much of the local/native language as you can

Knowing the local language… this makes for a better experiences in that country of whatever reason you went there for since the locals’s way of life including their language was made to be comfortable for them, not for foreigners. And this includes the food which a lot of people have issues with. For example, countries … Continue reading »

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Finding out that you need less in life while traveling

That’s right – I don’t own a TV nor do I keep up much with pro sports nowadays which I find to be just nice. But it doesn’t end just there. I want to live as minimally as possible after traveling to so many under-developed countries. The question that I always ask myself when I … Continue reading »

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Want to lose weight and gain some new insight in life? Go to survival school in Boulder, Utah, United States

This is one of the most difficult subjects to write about as I still wonder to this day what in the world was I thinking years ago? Why did I pay to go to survival school and starve myself which ended up in me losing over 15 pounds of muscle? I have no idea. I … Continue reading »

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It’s not that people want to, but it’s that people can’t

A friend of mine asked me why I wanted to go to Ecuador to learn Spanish, a foreign language, as he kept stating that I could do other things (or buy stuff with the same amount of money). My response was that I wanted to do what I wanted; how come you don’t want to … Continue reading »

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The end of studying Spanish in Ecuador

Yup, after 4 weeks of studying Monday – Friday 8 hours/day, it’s finally come to the end. I managed to crank out 142 hours in the process and I would have studied more if I had chosen to study 8 in the beginning and didn’t have that holiday in-between either. One of the big reasons … Continue reading »

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