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Violence of Black Friday – pepper spray, shootings, robbery, fights

Instead of staying out in the cold and dark like a lot of people did on the night of November 24, 2011, I went right to bed not caring about the deals that the mega-stores were having. More than anything, I wanted to go fishing out on the Pacific Ocean but instead I got a … Continue reading »

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Coffee Sweepstakes for friends and family

Most people in today’s world live so much better than kings, queens, emperors, empresses, princes, princesses, and many other rich people in the history of mankind. We now have electricity, clean running water, air conditioner, heater, homes that don’t leak or have holes in them that allow wind to impregnate the cold to get in, … Continue reading »

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Fundamental change in this blog

In addition to learning Spanish and chronicling my other adventures, there is going to be a fundamental change in this blog. I’m going to write other topics that are pertinent and even important as a lot of things are connected in this world. I realize that traveling is not just the end goal. There is … Continue reading »

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Final thoughts on this long South American trip

To me, this trip, this adventure was truly worth doing. I had a lot of things to do on my bucket list and this trip helped me cross off a lot of items off that list. Such examples would be checked off and now gone were: -going to the Galapagos Islands -getting my drift diving … Continue reading »

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Incident in Salta, Argentina where I was

Apparently, 2 female French tourists were shot and murdered and were missing for awhile until recently found in Salta, Argentina. It’s kind of unusual for tourists to be in danger like this since I was just there in! All the more to know that you have to be careful where you go especially when you … Continue reading »

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