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Yes, there is scuba diving in Panama / Sí, hay buceo en Panamá

I went diving on the Caribbean side of Panama. Yup, in addition to peacock bass fishing in the canal, there is scuba diving.   Sí, fui a buceo en Panamá, en el lado del mar de caribe. Además de la pesca de peacock bass en el canal, hay buceo y creo que es bueno. El … Continue reading »

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Fishing for Peacock Bass in the Panama Canal / La pesca para pavόn en el Canal de Panama

Yes, yes, indeed, there are opportunities to go fishing in the Panama Canal. It’s just for big boats to simply go through but it’s also a lake that contains a ton of fish mainly peacock bass as well as some snook and tarpon to be had. Of course, it will take some time to hit … Continue reading »

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What to buy from Panama – coffee!

I was recommended by a fellow American traveler to buy some coffee while in Panama. There is a specific brand called Duran Café Puro, which is easily recognizable for its yellow/gold bag packaging in various bag sizes. I was told that this is the coffee brand the locals in Panama drink and they’re widely found … Continue reading »

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Panama day 5 – Casinos and beware of bad food!

What a day that was as I had the shits all day! I don’t think that mondongo went down well with my stomach so I was confined to my hotel room almost all day! You know what the worst part was? My hotel bathroom doesn’t have a toilet seat. Yeah, yeah, it’s Latin America. It’s … Continue reading »

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Panama day 4 – Walking around in the jungles of Panama

There was one last place that I had to go at least which was Soberania Parque Nacional. It was this huge rainforest preserve with hiking trails that are also good for those who wish to go mountain biking as well. There were kilometers of trails that people can walk all over as well as being … Continue reading »

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