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Panama day 3 – Going around Panama City to different sites

When I came back from Miraflores on a taxi, I ended up going with a guy named Juan. He was pointing and explaining to me certain areas of historical and/or economical importance as we were driving back to my hotel. Then he offered to take me to go to different places of great spots that … Continue reading »

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Panama day 2 – Panama Canal

Since I was in Panama, there was one place that I wanted to go, no matter what, which was the Panama Canal and see it for myself as it is one of human kind’s most amazing engineering feats ever accomplished in history. Built in the early 1900s, this nearly 50 mile canal is one of … Continue reading »

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Panama day 1 – Carnival in Panama

As I stated before that the first location of this long trip was Panama City, Panama. I have traveled to South America before but one time, I had to spend over 8-9 hours in the airport in San Salvador, El Salvador, en-route to South America something I did NOT want to do again. Sitting around … Continue reading »

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Starting my 3 month trip to South America with Panama on top

“How can you go to South America for several months?” “How do you afford such a trip?” “Isn’t it dangerous down there?” “I could never go there even if you paid me to!” “I like staying home!” “It takes 18 hours to fly down there – why would you go so far?” “You know that … Continue reading »

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