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Tagged With: Philosophy

Stop living in the past – this is not high school anymore / Paren vivir en el pasado – no ya son el tiempo de niñez

I am grateful for all the people who live in the past especially those people who thought that high school or college was the highlight of your life and continue thinking that way even graduation was many years ago. You live vicariously through the past as if it were today so you don’t move on. … Continue reading »

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Run fast / Corran más rápido

I watched an episode of the Living Dead and I realized that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, I will out run fat people and they will succumb to the zombies. That’s why to be happier is out-run everyone else including overweight people when the zombies attack! That’s why I thank the gods that … Continue reading »

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Be grateful / Sean agradecidos

People must be grateful for what they have because most people are so used to a certain lifestyle that they become so accustomed to it and expect it as a new normal. Whether it’s fast food, fast service, fast delivery, and fast internet times… people complain when these neck-breaking times are not on schedule. But … Continue reading »

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Happy? Or not? / ¿Feliz? ¿O no?

I’m writing this part of blog now because I see a lot of people discouraged about life. They don’t see the greatness of living in it despite the fact that we live much better lives than many kings, queens, emperors, empresses, and royalty in the past. We have air conditioning, heating, indoor plumbing, cars, internet, … Continue reading »

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Living like a minimalist / Vive como minimialista

I found on this on the internet and found it to be so true. It definitely fits my Spartan lifestyle of little clutter and more on actually living. Busqué esta en el internet e encontré que es verdadero. Me cube en la forma de mi estilo de vida espartano con poco revoltijo e énfasis en … Continue reading »

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