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Tagged With: Philosophy

Living like a minimalist / Vive como minimialista

I found on this on the internet and found it to be so true. It definitely fits my Spartan lifestyle of little clutter and more on actually living. Busqué esta en el internet e encontré que es verdadero. Me cube en la forma de mi estilo de vida espartano con poco revoltijo e énfasis en … Continue reading »

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For a better travel experience in a foreign country, learn as much of the local/native language as you can / Para una mejor experiencia de viajes en un país de fuera, aprende el idioma tanto como puedas

This makes for much better experiences in that country as their way of life including their language was made to be comfortable for them, not for foreigners. And this includes the food which a lot of people have issues with. For example, countries in the Andes eat guinea pigs for food which many Westerners look … Continue reading »

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Homeless / Personas sin hogar

Like in traveling, you must watch out for the homeless – you never know what they might do to you in desperation. In some areas like Brasil, going with a guide is the only way to go. Even in so-called cities like San Francisco, you have to be careful. Do your research before you go … Continue reading »

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Save money by watching movies on those long airplane trips / Deben guardar su dinero por mirando las películas en los viajos largos en el avión

I got to watch The Hunger Games, Avengers, Wrath of the Titans, Snow White and the Huntsman, but my favorite of all was Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. And now I really know why the North won the American Civil War! Honest Abe had his wife provide silver ammunition to kill the vampires at Gettysburg! Tuve … Continue reading »

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It’s true that Americans don’t travel abroad / Es verdad que americanos no viajan fuera del país

I think I was the only one around in the area. Even my scuba diving instructor stated that out of 600 people that the dive shop gets every year, about 20 of them are Americans. That’s roughly 3.33%! Granted, this is Europe so the rest are primarily Europeans. Even amongst my friends, I am the … Continue reading »

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