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Azores – Second day of scuba diving day but no fishing

Another day in the ocean is a good day especially if it involves scuba diving! The only issue was that water was a bit colder for some odd reason on this day so I was freezing despite wearing a thick wetsuit. That’s something that they don’t say – the water is cold in Europe even … Continue reading »

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Azores – Scuba diving and Fishing in the same day!

Two of my favorite activities in the same day – a first! And both were great to do even if I didn’t see anything remarkable underwater nor if I didn’t catch anything super amazing. It was more of the strain on time and energy that makes doing both on the same day that be quite … Continue reading »

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First time in the Azores, Portugal – Ponta Delgada, Island of San Miguel

So I made my way to the Azores, specifically Sao Miguel (or San Miguel or Saint Miguel) Island. Like the Canaries, these islands were a stopping point for many vessels from Portugal en-route to the new world. Or the ships were heading back towards Portugal and would usually make a stop prior to heading to … Continue reading »

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Lisbon, Portugal

So what kind of an idiot stays in his hometown until death in these modern times? And what kind of an idiot spends all of his money on stupid foolish stuff throughout his life that he dies as a modern day slave to being a beggar? It seems that the winds of persuasion have set … Continue reading »

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