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My trip to Spain’s Costa del Sol

I’ve been to Europe before but only for a few days or so. That’s why it made me re-consider my stance on going back to Europe and actually spend more than just a few days of vacation and really see that  country that I know I would have a ton of fun. For some odd … Continue reading »

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Consider buying travel insurance prior to traveling

I highly encourage people who are going on long trips especially abroad to purchase travel insurance. In fact, in certain trips, I had to show proof of travel insurance prior to going to survival school. I think it’s more important to have it if you’re crossing into foreign countries to where your current insurance policies … Continue reading »

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Empty movie theaters?

Just as I wrote about not watching as many movies as I did in the past, I came upon this article on Why Movie Watchers Are Abandoning the Multiplex (new window will open for link) The author goes into detail why it’s not because of high ticket prices, bad economy, or bad movie content … Continue reading »

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I stopped watching movies to invest in other areas of my life

Yes, I have done it! As of this year of 2011, I have not seen that many movies in their entirely. I think I’ve seen more movies in the airplane than sitting down in a theater this year! Then again… even last year, I think I saw a total of 10 movies. I’ve decided that … Continue reading »

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Life cannot be a party all the time since you have to clean it all afterwards

People especially young men and women believe that they have to always be in a state of amazement, wonder, and partying. I can understand why with the peer pressures of being in the “in-crowd” especially as people grow up and start to understand the social dynamics of rank and status. This thinking continues into college … Continue reading »

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