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Tagged With: Self improvement

I’m leaving Peru / Me voy para EEUU

Well, I’m leaving Peru for back home to the U.S. I wanted to stay longer but I got other things to do. Bueno, voy de Perú para volver a mi casa en EEUU. Claro, quiero estar aquí por más tiempo pero tengo otras cosas que yo necesito hacer. …and one last good meal before leaving. … Continue reading »

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Eating some more damn good food of Peru/ Comiendo más comida excelente de Perú

I have to say I’m drinking and eating well in Peru. I went to a restaurant in Lima called Tanta and wow, I have to say that it was really, really well-cooked food. One of the best I’ve ever eaten! ¡Viva! Estoy bebiendo y comiendo muy bien en Perú. Fui a un restaurante con una … Continue reading »

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Importance of vitamins and supplements

In addition to hunting, fishing, working out, and eating properly, I take vitamins and supplements. I can’t tell you how much “crap” is in the American diet so it only makes sense to take some pills to make sure that I get the right amount of vitamins and minerals in me. I couldn’t imagine if … Continue reading »

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Buy a scanner

Man, after having a cluster of papers being all over the place, I finally gave in and bought myself a small, portable scanner. Man, this thing is great. Instead of looking for paperwork, I can just go into my computer files and find it. Keeps everything nice and simple and easy to find stuff. I … Continue reading »

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Remember what you eat is what you’ll burn off later

I was in Anaheim, California for a conference and I did something that I usually don’t do which is overeat. I was in the mood for some good food and so I scarfed away packing in the pounds. Upon coming back home, I realized that I have to hit the gym hard to burn all … Continue reading »

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