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FC Barcelona basketball game

Yes, FC Barcelona is more than just the world-famous football game but also has a basketball team. It is famous for producing future NBA players such as Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio, Juan Carlos Navarro, Joe Ingles, and many others who have made a stop there before heading over to the US. Sometimes, players … Continue reading »

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FC Barcelona – the best football team with the best player in the world

In light of the 2018 World Cup that is happening in Russia right now, I get flashbacks of the times when I attended FC Barcelona football games in Barcelona, Spain. Sure, Barcelona has some nice landmarks and attractions to see such as the Sagrada Familia, but I think more of the awesome football team that … Continue reading »

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Shark fishing in Spain / Pescar para tiburón en España

Yes, it’s damn sure possible or near impossible to catch a shark in Spain but I did it. I haven’t written about this because I didn’t want people to bug me about it so I’m writing it now about my day for a Thresher Shark. I had a boat captain named Dean, Englishman, who didn’t … Continue reading »

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It’s true that Americans don’t travel abroad / Es verdad que americanos no viajan fuera del país

I think I was the only one around in the area. Even my scuba diving instructor stated that out of 600 people that the dive shop gets every year, about 20 of them are Americans. That’s roughly 3.33%! Granted, this is Europe so the rest are primarily Europeans. Even amongst my friends, I am the … Continue reading »

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The Spanish look at me funny / Los Españoles me ven extrañamente

My English is not of a British accent nor do I use their words… my Spanish is not of their accent and nor do I use their words…yep, Americans don’t travel. I definitely stand out in this crowd of Europeans because they aren’t a lot of Americans to begin with. Mi inglés no es de … Continue reading »

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