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Back to seeing FC Barcelona on top of the standings again!

I’ve gone to many FC Barcelona games now (especially like the El Clasico game) but it’s always a great time to go see the world’s best players. And best of all is that Messi continues to play at such a high level that it makes me wonder when he will start to decline as Father … Continue reading »

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El Clásico! FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Like in my last post, I said that I would only go to a Real Madrid game if FC Barcelona was playing them. Well, I got my wish! Because I wanted to go to a major event like this! Ever wanted to go to the Super Bowl back in the US for the NFL? Well, … Continue reading »

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Real Madrid game at Santiago Bernabeu

Yes, it’s another world class, famous football team for the eyeballs to see. Even though I’m a FC Barcelona fan, I still had to go to the Real Madrid game in another well-known venue known as Santiago Bernabeu Stadium or in short, the Bernabeu. This stadium is not only the home stadium for Real Madrid, … Continue reading »

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Going to Real Madrid Museum is better than waiting in lines for museums in Madrid

So I went to Madrid and there are plenty of museums and attractions in the glitzy Spanish capital. Lots of people, lots of cars moving and shaking. However, what drove me crazy was the amount of tourist hordes coming onto Madrid even during non-high tourist season! I just couldn’t believe it. It was like watching … Continue reading »

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Barcelona Scuba Diving

Well, actually, it’s not in Barcelona itself but it’s in this nice little area away from the massive crowds of Barcelona, northeast of the city. And not all the tourists are in Barcelona for the FCB games sadly…. Like with changes in fishing in the UK, Barcelona has a change in animals as well, most … Continue reading »

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