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In the Balearic Islands: the island of Mallorca, Spain

I’ve been continuing the recent tradition of going to the islands of Europe as I’ve visited Malta, Iceland, United Kingdom (biggest island in Europe), Canary Islands, Azores, and now the Balearic Islands. I mean why not keep it going by going to another group of islands where I’ve never been before? Going southeast from Barcelona, … Continue reading »

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FC Barcelona vs Olympique Lyonnais – Champions League Round of 16, Second Leg game

I was really, really looking forward to this game as this was going to be my very first FC Barcelona Champions League match! I was finally going to see FC Barcelona go against a team that was not in La Liga! They were going against Olympique Lyonnais (or Lyon FC for short) who are from … Continue reading »

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Back in Barcelona, Spain for the FC Barcelona vs Valencia CF football match

In the past 2 months or so after watching all those other football teams in Europe such as Dortmund, Stuttgart, Augsburg, Tottenham, and Chelsea, I missed watching my favorite football team, FC Barcelona, play. I have to say that it was great to be back in Camp Nou, home of FC Barcelona. Good weather too … Continue reading »

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What to buy in Spain: Torron, Sangria, Beer, Wine, Coffee

One of the great things to buy in Spain is eating the tapas in the restaurants since there is such a great selection to choose from (pending the restaurants). From sausages to octopus to fish to vegetables to all sorts of plates out there, you cannot say no to them all! However, there is only … Continue reading »

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Canary Islands diving day #2

Same diving outfit, different diving day, different diving location. I was hoping that the water temperature and weather conditions would actually be warmer than the previous day which was cold and windy. Water temperature makes all the difference in the world for diving as does the waves caused by winds. But of course, even if … Continue reading »

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