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The Swiss city of Basel – The gateway to France, Germany, and Switzerland

This Swiss urban location is very underrated and in my opinion, better than Zurich due to its slightly cheaper cost and less volume of tourist floods and people in general. Like Zurich, Basel is on the Rhine River so there are plenty of neat houses and buildings to look at but unfortunately, it’s still Switzerland, … Continue reading »

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Liechtenstein, a small country in the Alps next to Switzerland and Austria

Liechtenstein, which is basically another alpine country like Andorra, is another country where wasn’t much to see or do there. I just happened to be driving in eastern Switzerland at the time so I decided to cross the border, stop by, and buy some Liechtenstein beer for a friend of mine so that way he … Continue reading »

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Zurich: the de facto capital of Switzerland and very expensive!

There is one major country in Europe that I didn’t focus on which would have to be the country of Switzerland. Nestled mostly among the mountain range of the Alps, this country made its official policy to be neutral for basically forever. It got sick of all the wars that engulfed Europe for so long … Continue reading »

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