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Munich, Germany – home of the BMW Museum and FC Bayern Munich

So in light of watching Bayern Munich winning the Supercup in Frankfurt, I thought that I should turn my attention to Munich or better known in Germany as München. To Germans, it’s known as the capital of Bavaria which gives off the stereotype of beers and bratwursts, thanks heavily in large part to the world … Continue reading »

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Going to German cities – watch a football game and also look around

Tip: Learn German. I’ve met quite a bit of people in Germany who didn’t speak English very well and this included old and young people. I recommend going to all these different German cities for the local sights and sounds which might include a castle or museum or whatever and a football game. People might … Continue reading »

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Say hello to Reykjavik, the gateway to Iceland!

Yes, Reykjavik…. I know that it’s impossible to spell out or pronounce. It took awhile to get used to it as well. But it’s pronounced “Rey-fla-vik” or something like that. I think the local people understand you if you’re close enough. The good thing is that almost all Icelanders understand English quite well as they’ve … Continue reading »

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Prague, capital of the Czech Republic

The city by the Vltava River, also known as the Czech National River, has always been another one of those must-visit-European-cities. Like Budapest, Prague is known for its architecture by the river that has developed over the centuries making it a tourist destination. Unlike the Goulash that made Hungary famous for, the Czech Republic is … Continue reading »

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Athens, Greece – the Acropolis and the Temple of Poseidon come to mind

The city of modern-day Athens is a complete sprawl. Most likely, the city looked very different in the past when it only had several thousand citizens. These days, the Greek capital has gone beyond those ancient city limits, built past how far the Acropolis could see. Of course, that would freak out the ancient Athenians … Continue reading »

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