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Fishing for Coho Salmon in Western Washington

Even during times of a pandemic, you can still plan and safely execute your travel dreams by doing what you are supposed to be doing according to all expert health advice out there. That’s why I was able to go to Western Washington to get some great salmon fishing in! The key to fishing for … Continue reading »

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San Jose professional sports: San Jose Earthquakes vs Toronto and Sharks vs Penguins

In any major US or Canada city, there are always opportunities to do interesting things in them. Even if the cities appear to be the same cookie-cutter buildings, streets, and cement jungles – there’s some differences that can make a visitor more exciting and/or interesting to do. One of them is professional sports – you … Continue reading »

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The year in review: 2019

I feel as if this was year, of 2019, was most characterized by a lot of traveling but also more heavily punctuated by the following highlights. Scuba diving in these locations: Canary Islands, Spain – First time going to these islands. Azores, Portugal – First time going to out to the islands in the middle … Continue reading »

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Fishing and Crabbing combo trip out of the San Francisco Bay Area

Dungeness Crab season is here! And I have to say that Dungeness is probably the best tasting crab out there out of all the crab species! By steaming them to a nice red color, they have the plumpest and juiciest crab meat of them all. And that’s why I was out there to go on … Continue reading »

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Freshwater lake fishing in Phuket – Major League Monster Exotic Fish!

This is probably the grand finale of all the major fishing that I’ve done this year or even in the last 2-4 years. All those days that I went out to go fishing was just practice for the grand daddy of them all: all for this event of fishing this special lake in Thailand. And … Continue reading »

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