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Did you know that Peru has sand dunes and sandstorms? / Sabes que en Perú, ¿hay dunas y tormentas de arena?

Enroute to going to Ica to hop on a plane to go see the world-famous Nazca Lines, our bus stopped in Huacachina, another extraordinary place where there are huge sand dunes and in the middle is an oasis! I can see that the town’s center of hotels, restaurants, stores, and tourist offices has built around … Continue reading »

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Seeing the Nazca Lines is believing! / Para creer las Líneas de Nazca, necesita verlas.

Yes, I completed another goal of mine which was to see the Nazca Lines for myself. These long lines drawn by the Nazca people in the ground have been well preserved for centuries and yes, no one still doesn’t know who or what or why they were created for. Only the fact that the lines … Continue reading »

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When in Mancora, stay away from the ceviche on the beach / No comas el ceviche de la playa cuando estés en Máncora.

I got seriously ill and sick when I was in Mancora and no, it wasn’t from the scuba diving. What happened is that I decided to eat some ceviche that was sold on the beach after scuba diving and urk! Did I get sick or what? I was puking and crapping all day and night … Continue reading »

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What to buy in Iquitos / ¿Qué se compra en Iquitos?

To me, I don’t have any use for the trinkets that the natives were selling such as earrings or necklaces. Some of them were interesting such as the piranha necklace but I don’t know what to do with them. My recommendation is buy the bags – they’re made of natural items from the jungle and … Continue reading »

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Lots of things to do and see on tours of Iquitos / Para divertirte el más posible en Iquitos, debes ir en tours

I don’t want to really write a lot about what I saw as I prefer to show through the pictures posted of what you can see on the tours in Iquitos. No quiero escribir mucho porque yo prefiero mostrar de mis fotos lo que he visto en mis tours en Iquitos. Las fotos pueden ser … Continue reading »

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