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Japanese Fishing – Going for Taimen (Japanese/Asian Huchen)

Of all the places that I would imagine going fishing, Japan was NOT on that list that I initially drew up. However, after reading up on some reports of people catching some incredible fish species that I definitely interested in, I knew that I had to do it! I couldn’t just do some typical tourism … Continue reading »

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The Japanese big cluster cities of Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara

In Osaka, Japan’s third largest city (after Tokyo and Yokohama), the sights and smells of this Japanese port city are distinctly different compared to the other cities that I’ve been to. I think it’s mainly that Japan in general is far cleaner than many places that I’ve gone to before. I suppose it helps when … Continue reading »

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Scuba Diving in Jeju Island

While on the island of Jeju, I already knew my other goal that I had to accomplish: scuba dive and explore the underwater sea! Of course, this attitude made a lot of people turn their heads with me as if I won the billion-dollar lottery. Most people that go to Jeju are there primarily for … Continue reading »

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Hunting in Jeju Island – Yes! You can hunt Pheasants in Korea!

This is the first time that I’m on the Korean island of Jeju, a destination where many married Korean couples flock to for their honeymoon. It’s great and all being on the “Korean Hawaii” but I need to do something… more interesting than simply go sightseeing. So after stepping foot on the famous island, I’ve … Continue reading »

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Fishing for Marble Trout in Slovenia – Returning to make up for the lost Danube Salmon the previous year

Due to my failure to catch a Danube Salmon or any fish in Slovenia the previous year, a return trip had to be made in order to correct this discrepancy. Sure, I’ve failed to fish and catch an Atlantic Salmon in Scotland but at least, I still caught fish the next day while saltwater fishing. … Continue reading »

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