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Kiev, Ukraine – yes, it’s cold so bring a hat and a thick coat!

You always wonder how can people live in such cold, frigid weather wastelands… why don’t they just move elsewhere? Well, it isn’t that easy to do especially if you’ve grown up there your whole life and gotten used to arctic and sub-zero temperatures. In fact, you get used to the murderous gale force winds, falling … Continue reading »

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FC Barcelona – the best football team with the best player in the world

In light of the 2018 World Cup that is happening in Russia right now, I get flashbacks of the times when I attended FC Barcelona football games in Barcelona, Spain. Sure, Barcelona has some nice landmarks and attractions to see such as the Sagrada Familia, but I think more of the awesome football team that … Continue reading »

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How about going up north to Scotland for more fishing?

So, there are more fishing possibilities in the UK! But you have to go up further north to Scotland! There is great fishing up there with different fishing species waiting to get hooked, fought, and caught. I went to Glasgow where I rented a car to drive even further north and west in order to … Continue reading »

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How to get from London to Sandy by train

I know people are going to ask this question so I thought it might be a good idea to show how to go from London to Sandy, which is where my guide, Thomas, picked me up for fishing in England. I can already see that most people will be foreigners who have no idea how … Continue reading »

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Oyster Card tips (London)

If you’re going to be in London, I highly recommend getting an Oyster Card. Because London is shaped like an oyster with its suburbs and highways surrounding it, it made sense to call it that. But the real pearl of it all is that you can use the Oyster Card for all your public transportation … Continue reading »

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