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Vienna, the old capital of Austria-Hungary and the Habsburgs

This city is vastly different from Salzburg, the other Austrian city that I went to as Vienna (known as “Wien” in German; pronunciation is “vee-in”) was the seat of power during the Austria-Hungary Empire days. It was a large empire that rivaled other countries such as England, France, and Spain during its heyday. The Empire … Continue reading »

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Monaco – The rich and the famous Monte Carlo Casino

Well, there is one place that became very famous due to the James Bond movies and it’s Monaco. Yes, it is its very own country despite being one of the smallest countries in the world. One of the great things about being in Nice, the French Riviera, is the chance to go to Monaco which … Continue reading »

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One of the sunniest places in Europe: Nice, France

It’s pronounced Nee-suh. Not nice as in nice things. So where is this place in France then? Well, it’s on the southern French coast also known as the French Riviera or Côte d’Azur where many Europeans especially Britons escape to. Celebrities flock there not just to get to their second French coastal home but also … Continue reading »

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Aachen, Germany – where Holy Roman Emperors had their coronation

So there is a hidden gem among the many medium and smaller-sized towns in Germany that don’t have a particularly powerhouse football team nor an amazing must-see-museum of sorts. Instead, this town was more important in the past than the today’s modern day civilized world (or its attempt to be civilized). Started as a Roman … Continue reading »

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Back to seeing FC Barcelona on top of the standings again!

I’ve gone to many FC Barcelona games now (especially like the El Clasico game) but it’s always a great time to go see the world’s best players. And best of all is that Messi continues to play at such a high level that it makes me wonder when he will start to decline as Father … Continue reading »

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