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Why just return to stop in England to fish? Might as well return to Scotland to fish!

Again, if I’m going to England to go fishing… then I might as well go up to Scotland to fishing. Last time, I didn’t have any success in remotely hooking an Atlantic Salmon or any fish on the first day but I did, however, catch some sharks there to redeem the trip. This trip was … Continue reading »

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Another side-trip for fishing in the UK – Big Carp!

So the day started out trying to catch some chub in some of the smaller and lesser-known creeks in England. Some of these creeks can surprisingly produce some big fish and some even have some big surprises aka bigger fish out there lurking in them such as the Pike I caught with a spinning rod. … Continue reading »

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Taking a break to go fly-fishing in England again – with major success!

So instead of going to all these places to play tourist, I would take breaks to go do something else such as more fishing! Due to some places being more difficult to where you need a lot of luck such as in Iceland and Scotland, I decided to go to a place where I know … Continue reading »

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How about going up north to Scotland for more fishing?

So, there are more fishing possibilities in the UK! But you have to go up further north to Scotland! There is great fishing up there with different fishing species waiting to get hooked, fought, and caught. I went to Glasgow where I rented a car to drive even further north and west in order to … Continue reading »

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How to get from London to Sandy by train

I know people are going to ask this question so I thought it might be a good idea to show how to go from London to Sandy, which is where my guide, Thomas, picked me up for fishing in England. I can already see that most people will be foreigners who have no idea how … Continue reading »

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