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Fishing again in England! Pike and Zander this time around!

I had such a great time fishing the first time in England, that I had to go again! Back to the waters where I had that great, amazing day of hooking and landing trout after trout. This time though, I wanted to target some other fish species that I couldn’t get the first time there. … Continue reading »

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Oyster Card tips (London)

If you’re going to be in London, I highly recommend getting an Oyster Card. Because London is shaped like an oyster with its suburbs and highways surrounding it, it made sense to call it that. But the real pearl of it all is that you can use the Oyster Card for all your public transportation … Continue reading »

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Winston Churchill War Rooms and afterwards – Fish and Chips

In my opinion, this was one of the better sites to go see in London. Maybe it’s because I’ve been really interested in World War II history so I think it’s one of the more underrated locations. It still gets crowded at times so best to get advance tickets so you are not frying out … Continue reading »

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Stonehenge: Overrated. Bath, England: Underrated

You can do both locations in the same day from London as they are pretty close to each other but the first site is an obvious attraction or tourist trap depending on how you look at it… all for a pile of rocks. It kind of looks like a bowl… where people can get high … Continue reading »

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Going to a Football Game in London

Unlike the sports games in the USA, the games in Europe are generally more passionate and in my opinion better to go to. Just look at London: there are 4-6 teams in the Premier League alone and even more in the lower leagues. If you look at the US and the most you’re going to … Continue reading »

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