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What to buy in Jordan

Jordan has the bordering unique Dead Sea which claims has therapeutic, health properties. Whether this is true or not, the Dead Sea does have a higher salt content than regular ocean water does so maybe there is some truth to it. That’s why I recommend buying some Dead Sea products as they are a “one … Continue reading »

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What to buy in Egypt…. I recommend camel meat!

Being in a country heavily influenced by the Middle East, Egypt has gained quite of a bit of culture, language, and society norms from the Arabs even though Arabs don’t really see Egyptians as being pure Arabs. Nevertheless, there are some things that you can expect from Egypt that you might see somewhere in a … Continue reading »

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Salzburg, Austria

Being close to Munich, another good destination to travel to is Salzburg, Austria although it’s probably better to fly there (if coming from another location) or better yet, take the train from Munich to Salzburg. You almost don’t recognize the difference when crossing country borders as both countries speak the same language, German, and their … Continue reading »

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What to buy in Lithuania – Wine, Amber, and Basketball Jerseys

So what to buy in Lithuania? Plenty of stuff, actually. Note that these people don’t really bargain so everything pretty much has a price tag to it. So don’t try to haggle or negotiate a lower price. That might work if you are buying over 1000 euros worth of stuff and it’s at an outside … Continue reading »

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Forget the Arch, it’s better in St. Louis for shooting and BBQ / Olviden el arco de St. Louis. La gente debe divertirse con armas y barbacoa

Quite honestly, there’s nothing spectacular about the St. Louis Gateway Arch in my opinion. It’s just there and part of the landscape if you ask me. If you go to places like San Francisco (Golden Gate Bridge), Seattle (Space Needle), New York (Statue of Liberty), etc., they have an iconic landmark or symbol or building. … Continue reading »

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