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Some punk kid thinking he can rob me…

Yeah, I was walking down the streets of Lima after dinner and I realized that someone was following me from a distance. I didn’t exactly turn my head towards him but I sensed an alert of some sort that this kid was looking for the right time and location to jump me. I don’t know … Continue reading »

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Playing Ultimate Frisbee

I was out playing ultimate frisbee with my friend who part of this group of people that wanted to go throw a frisbee around for fun, but before going out, I decided to take my video camera and put it on my chest to see how it all came out. Well, the results were interesting … Continue reading »

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How to protect yourself while traveling – self defense measures

You can be trained in any martial art and consider yourself to be well-prepared for any physical contact or even arm yourself to the teeth with guns, bombs, missiles, knives, and swords but how practicable can that be during traveling? In my opinion, if you’re that concerned about your safety while traveling to foreign countries … Continue reading »

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Workout songs to motivate you

I was in the gym the other day and I was thinking how crappy the soundtracks these places play. Like love songs while pumping iron? C’mon now! I don’t have an Ipod or some kind of music player as research has shown that listening to music with earphones on can seriously damage your hearing. This … Continue reading »

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Training for a vacation hike like going on the Inca Trail

Some of you might be wondering how I went through the Machu Picchu hike and still survived after puking a few times on the Inca Trail and it all boiled down to planning. I planned on succeeding. I drew up a plan where I would train myself requiring discipline and execution. I knew that I … Continue reading »

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