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Tagged With: World/Natural Wonders

Another world wonder: Colosseum

Due to the massive amount of things to see and places to go to in Rome, I intentionally left this site out because it requires to be on its own: Colosseum, another world wonder! Like the others, this massive stone stadium was built back in the BC era and was basically the original grand stadium … Continue reading »

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Petra, another world wonder

Ahhh yesss…. another world wonder is up for grabs with the eyeballs…. this one was probably one of the more difficult ones to reach because of the sheer distance to travel to get to Jordan. Not the most physical like hiking the Inca Trail to go see Machu Picchu, but it was more of distance … Continue reading »

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Dead Sea – it’s salty! So salty, that you can float without any effort!

If you’re going to be in Jordan, might as well as go see one of Earth’s natural wonders – the Dead Sea. This place has quoted or referred to a lot in the Christian and Jewish religion due to its extreme saltiness that no organism can live in it since it’s 10 times saltier than … Continue reading »

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Cairo, Egypt: where the famous Pyramids, Great Sphinx, and Egyptian Museum are at

Any trip to Egypt will undoubtedly require a trip to the worldly known and famous Pyramids (most likely the Giza Pyramid), the Great Sphinx (and it’s broken nose), and the Egyptian Museum where many of the photos taken of the famous archaeological finds such as the tombs, artifacts, and many more are featured. Even King … Continue reading »

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Visiting the world wonder of Chichen Itza / Visitar la marvavilla del mundo: Chichén Itzá

And of course, the granddaddy of them all of Cancun, in my opinion, is the Chichen Itza, one of the world wonders of the world. It’s quite amazing. I highly recommend getting a guide to take you there because he/she knows a lot about the site and can explain the “clapping” effect at the pyramid … Continue reading »

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